Backflow Prevention Testing From Melbourne to Laverton

CC Plumbing & Maintenance is a specialist in backflow testing, installation and repairs throughout Melbourne including Laverton. Backflow valves are required to be tested every 12 months. Results from your accredited licenced plumber will be sent to the relevant water corporation.

If you want to feel confident that your backflow prevention testing in Melbourne has been conducted effectively and thoroughly, trust the professionals at CC Plumbing & Maintenance. For any other commercial plumbing work you might need around Laverton or beyond, you can also take a moment to review our list of services we offer to see how we can help.

Why Backflow Testing is Essential

Backflow prevention is essential to ensure the integrity of the water corporation’s reticulated water supply system. This minimises the risk of backflow contamination from connections to the main system. Backflow testing and maintenance is a mandatory requirement every 12 months to prevent the risk of water pollution. Business and property owners are responsible for the maintenance and testing of their backflow prevention device, with works carried out by a suitably qualified plumber in order to protect the reticulated water supply system.

Why Choose CC Plumbing & Maintenance for Backflow Prevention Services?

At CC Plumbing & Maintenance, we have certified and licensed plumbing experts who are experienced when it comes to testing, repairing, replacing and installing backflow containment devices.

We have the training and expertise to carry out water testing in Melbourne, determine the risk rating of backflow on your property, and establish the type of backflow prevention required. This ensures protection of the reticulated water supply system from contamination flowing back through the property water services.

Upon successful completion, your backflow prevention valve will be certified, tagged, recorded and lodged with your water authority. Annual rescheduling is planned for your reoccurring backflow testing.

Organise Backflow Testing in Melbourne Today

When you contact our team for backflow testing in Melbourne or Laverton area, you can rest assured that your next business audit will meet all regulations and standards to ensure safe drinking water. We are committed to protecting the safety of your water supply. Call us on 0425 854 026, send an email to or submit your details through our easy to complete enquiry form, and we will get back to you with an obligation-free quote as soon as possible.

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